We are looking for some members for a band. We need a drummer, guitarist, backup singer, bass guitarist, and keyboard/pianist. If you wish to join, send an application to with the following format Full name: Age: Date Of Birth: Instrument you play: How long have you been playing: Why do you play: Are you […]

Taking Requests

What raps should I consider doing? They can be clean, dirty, 3Oh!3, just nothing by iggy azalea. I will look at these raps that you request, and try to learn them if I like them. I will also attempt to learn Monster by WhiteBoySpacey, DollaDollaBill, and MarkUs. See you all next time, or later, or […]

Next rap show?

We are planning on the next show being this Friday, and every first Friday of the month, as this is the only time we are LEGALLY allowed to perform in public. We are going to perform on the northeastern corner of the mail room. I will be rapping as well as playing guitar and piano. […]

First Rap show (Update)

Okay, so, if you are here, you’re obviously a fan of my rap show. If you’re not, that’s cool! So, I have arranged my first official rap show, and I think it will go swimmingly (Better than my comedy show, anyway)! I have fliers to print out and will start releasing information soon, so, if […]